Saturday, July 30, 2005

Real Madrid do Bangkok

(Ratchamungkale Stadium)
This week, Real Madrid where in town on the last leg of their Asia Tour, this follows hard on the heels of premiership sides, Everton, Man City and Bolton. It was great to see Everton humilated by the Thai Under-23 Team, if they cant beat this team, there going to get their arses kicked in the Champions League. Bolton beat the Thai's in the Final on penalties. Apart from Michael Owen, all of the Galacticos where on display at the Ratchamungkale Stadium. From now on I shall refer to it as “The Stadium”. The Stadium is around 10 years old and was built For the Asian Games, it’s very impressive, and there isn’t a pop rivet in sight, not like the newer Stadiums in UK like Hull City’s new ground. (That’s for you TGB) The scoreboard is great; it shows the game at the same time, so people sitting up in the Gods get to see some of the game. It’s good to go to a ground that as a Scoreboard, places like St. James there is no scoreboard and you forget how many goals Fulham have scored or how much time is left to suffer watching Crystal palace. (That’s for you Mugsy).
The game itself was a fairly dull affair, it was hot, even at kick off, it was 36 degs and the humidity was off the scale. The Thai under 23 team put up a good fist of it, in the first half they had to contend with, Raoul, Ronaldo, Beckham, Zidanne and Solaro. They were soon two down, however they were very fit and after 30 minutes the Real team were wilting, Beckham spent most of the time near the Bench drinking water. Ronaldo and Raoul showed flashes of skill that proved they were amongst the best players in the world, Beckham too, put in a couple of pin point crosses.
At half time we were treated to a show of the Cheerleader Champions of Thailand, before you scoff, these people put on a show that was staggering, the acrobatics were stunning. However when Nuch came back from getting refreshments and hadn’t bought me a meat pie, I was well pissed off!
In the second half we were treated to Carlos, Figo, Gutti, Salgado and Gravison. This was a very defensive set up and the Thai’s took full advantage, nearly scoring half a dozen times. Real Madrid had a couple of chances, and late in the second half Real Madrid slotted home another goal. It took us an incredible two hours to go 10 miles, it was chaos, and the Stadium is in a very large residential area of Bangkok that can only just cope on a normal day, add another 50000 people into the mix and chaos is guaranteed. I’ve never been amongst so many people in one go, I must have seen 1 million faces this night, every square foot of pavement and road was full, every Bus and taxi was full and every restaurant was full to bursting. Never Again! It was a sereal night alround, i've always wanted to see Real Madrid play and have always been in the wrong place at the wrong time, bizarrely, I end up seeing them nearly half way around the world. What next? Probaly see Hull City on their farewell to the Championship and hello to League one tour in 2006, or even Newcastle United on their world tour celebrating winning the Premiership.

(Salgado warming up in that heat)

Friday, July 29, 2005

The Bull's Head

For a few weeks now I’ve been fighting the urge for some home comforts, yesterday I had to meet a friend in one of the more touristy parts of Bangkok. On the corner of the Soi (Street), there was an establishment called “The Bull's Head”. So I had half an hour to kill so in I went. Apart from the air conditioning, it was just like walking into your country local! So far so good. There on the bar was the cure for my itch, a pint of good dark “Bitter”. There with a proper pump, A gorgeous pint of Kilkenny, with a sign next to it saying “John Smiths arriving soon” I ordered my pint and waited for it being poured, then waited for it to settle. The expectation!! I bought the glass to my lips and started to drink, I was unable to take it away, the taste was fantastic, I only had a third of a pint left when I put the glass down. That third didn’t last long and I had to order another, which I’m afraid to say was soon followed by another.
It was about this time that my phone rang, “Where was I, and when would I be at the Teashop for brunch?” The answer was obvious “I’m in the Pub Love, if you want me, you know where to find me” A few minutes later my three guests arrived and soon got into the spirit of the thing by ordering pints of Kilkenny. Luckily for me, two of them did not like the liquid nectar, so I had to drink them.
By this time, I was “Pissed”. What do you do when you are worse for wear? Eat of course, so having got hold of a menu, I was delighted to see such delicacies as Cornish Pasties, Toad in the Hole, Fish and Chips and Bangers and Mash. I decided on Steak Pie and Chips. Chips are one thing that the Thai’s just don’t do, I’m not complaining, but sometimes you need the comforts of home. The Steak Pie was fantastic and washed down with a couple more pints I was set for a sleep; unfortunately I was an hour by public transport away.
By the time I’d gotten home, I had a raging headache, wanted to sleep for a week and my thirst was huge. A proper afternoon on the ale was had by all. I’ve included a map of the Bull's Head, its well worth a visit should you ever come to Bangkok for more than a week. Costs of the beer were around £1.70 a pint (Twice the price of Thai Beer) and the Steak Pie was £3.80)
Near the Bull's Head was the Robin Hood, so out of a sense of good will to all British Pubs, I will try this one soon.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Bangkok Life Part 8

Hello Everybody,
Last Friday was “Buddha Day” in Thailand, so on Thursday evening Nuch and I went to the local supermarket and bought some food to give to the Monks the following day. Nuch got really pissed off with me trying to put beer, whisky and chocolate in the basket, knowing full well they do not drink alcohol or partake in unnecessary treat. We bought enough for nine Monks, so EARLY next morning we went to the local Wat (Temple) to offer the food to the Monks. Buddhist Monks can only eat what people give them at the beginning of the day; they give a blessing to you when you put the alms in their prayer bowls! All pretty cool really, these guys look so serene, praying and chanting, the smell of incense and the whole atmosphere is very moving, even to a No-Brainer like me!
Anyway Nuch was happy with the visit, she was even happier when I found out that there was no sale of alcohol all day. GREAT!!!!

This week’s beer should be well known to everyone, “Heineken”. It’s brewed in Thailand and even though its only 5%abv, the taste is like what a proper lager should taste like, sharp, but with a sweet under taste. Because of the low strength and the cost at 40p per half pint can, it would take a staggering £4.50 before you would fancy a cheeky Donor..

Taste 9/10
Ease of getting pissed 5/10
Value 5/10
Total score 19

This week I’ve decided to tell you about a few of Thailand’s little differences, but differences we should take up in the UK. The first one is “Drink in a plastic Bag” Thailand is mad on recycling, every waste bin is staked out, with people ready to grab plastics and metals. All glass bottles have a refund value, this the shopkeeper or street vendor is keen to get back. So rather than give you the bottle, they’ll put the Coke or Fanta in a ice filled plastic bag, and give you straw, providing you remember to hold it by the handle, its perfectly ok and very refreshing with all the ice, and bearing in mind the whole cost is 10bht (13p) you cant grumble.
The second thing I’ve come across was this hose in the Bathroom, for many weeks I thought it was the thing that Nuch used to clean the bathroom floor, I’ve found out through a web site that it is really the Thai version of a Bidet. I confirmed this with Nuch, (who could not believe we didn’t have them in the UK). She wanted to know what we used? When I told her, “usually only paper”, she stared at me in disgust. Anyway, I tried it and let me tell you, hoses by the toilet are the future. Now I can’t wait to go to the toilet and use this new toy.

Talk to you all soon


BTS Skytrain

Bangkok can boast one of the most up to date Mass Transit Systems in the world, the overground version is called the "Skytrain". It as two lines which connect most of the centre of Bangkok with the northern part of the system.
Most of the central located tourist spots like Siam Square, Sukhumvit Road and Patpong are on the BTS network. All of the Stations are above street level, you get your ticket from an Automatic Telling Machine, if you have'nt the correct change, there are Booth's where you can change Notes. There is a number key for which ever Station you want to go to, just press the numbered button, put in the amount that it tells you and out the ticket pops. You then go through the turnstile and go to the platform you need.
There is a train every five minutes, and when you get on you will notice how clean and graffiti free the trains are. The cost of the ride ranges from 20 - 50bht, or you can buy a 100bht a day ticket that gives you unlimited travel for the whole of that day, and when you have finished with this card and it is only early evening, give yout ticket to the first person you see walking up the BTS Stairs, it will make their day.
One thing to remember however, is there are many Kiosk's on the Staion's, unfortunately you cannot eat or drink on the platform, so dont buy anything, unless you plan to drink it later.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Chatuchak Weekend Market

Today I’ve been to the Hell that is “Chatuchak Weekend Market”! It is the largest Market in Bangkok; thankfully it is only on Saturday and Sunday.
For those who are ever in Bangkok, it can be reached very easily from the centre of the City, you can take either the Skytrain (BTS) to the Terminus of Mo-Chit (Yes it is pronounced Mo-Shit) or the Underground (MRT) to Chatuchak Station. When you get there just follow the crowds!
The Market takes up about the size of 20 football pitches and is a series of small alleys intertwined with a few larger roads, there are clothes stands all over the place, but everything else as its own section, the animal section, crafts, shoes, paintings even food to eat is pretty much in one place.
You can tell when your near the animal section, the smell hits your nose like a good left hook, if your into animal rights, you’d probably best not going down, all of the kittens, puppies, fish, rabbits and rodents look fine, but they are living in appalling conditions when not at the show, there are hundreds of puppies, all of them look super cute, however a friend bought a Yorky Terrier their last year and had to spend a fortune on vets bills to keep the thing alive, when not sold they serve a final role in life, feeding the other pets! Seriously.
The crowds are a killer! There are so many people, and up and down the alleys you have traders taking gear to their stalls, but it is worth a visit. Stuff like shoes, jeans, trainers and handicrafts are so much cheaper than in the centre of Town.

The food places are chaotic, but just make yourself known to the staff and when a place becomes avaliable, they'll fetch you. The picture opposite is called "Som Tam", it is like carrot, cabbage and tomatoe in a spicy chilli dressing, lovely on it own or good added with your main order. The Restaurant we ate at was called the "Tohplue" Most of the food comes in what it is made from, its a little expensive all this plus drinks cost 460bht (£6.20). However the food was excellent and its worth the wait.

Something’s to be aware of, if approached by anyone offering you anything, walk away politely; they will offer Gems, Gold and watches. If you want Gems and Gold then go to approved shops, what you buy from the guy on the Market will be fake. Pick pockets can be a pain, so be sensible. Lastly don’t give any money to Beggars, while some may be legitimate, most like the Beggars in town are being pimped, bought to the Market and then hand over the largest part of their take.

How to use this Blog Site

Hello Everybody,
I've created this "Blogsite" instead of sending everyone a email each week, I have put all the previous entries on my own web site, the advantage is that, you can read it and also add your comments and people can add their comments to them.

So from now on I will send everybody a quick email to say a new post as gone on the Blog, you can then choose whether you read it or not!

On the blog site there is a Google Search Engine and some adverts, please click on them, I get paid when people do, also if you know anyone who may be interested or who knows me and doesn't know what i'm up to pass the link on.

Bangkok Life Part 7

Hello Everybody,
I’m still here! That is how I feel after the storm we had last night, wow!!! You know when you have snow storms with flakes like 50p pieces, well the rain yesterday evening was the same. The rain is very civilised out here, the sun goes in and you see the black clouds coming in, you know you have about 20 minutes to get inside. Last evening was the same, except when the rain came down, it was just like a wall of water, I could not see anything after 15Mtr, which meant I could not see the pool, and several trees were forced down with the typhoon strength winds. Apparently, the building in the picture “Elephant Building” was severely damaged; I will pop out on a bike ride today and check it out.

This week’s beer is called Red Horse, I think I have found the Holy Grail of beer, the most noticeable thing is the strength, 6.9%abv, it really packs a punch, this is beer is not for Eckington Lads, its taste matches its strength, the taste is like Stella on Steroids. The cost is 35p for a half pint can, so I estimate £2.10 to get steaming drunk.

Taste 8/10
Ease of getting pissed 9/10
Value 7/10
Total score 24

This week’s fruit is called the Longon, it is a Thai institute. I went by the greengrocers for many weeks thinking they were Jersey Royals, I had visions of a lovely salad with a few Jerseys on the side. They are Ok, the usual Thai fruit, peel off the skin to reveal a soft white fruit that is very sweet, this is getting a bit same same with Thai fruit, although next week we have my favourite.
Talking of fruit, Nuch brings loads of fruit juice from were she works, her company shares the building with a fruit juice company, I asked her to bring me some grapefruit juice! Stupid Girl bought grape juice, after a saviour telling off she gave me her explanation that she had bought me grape, which is a fruit and is in juice form, after a few days locked in a cupboard she realised her error and admitted this is maybe something you cannot get in Thailand. I will have to go to a Farang Shop to find. Crap Country!!!!!!

The last picture is just to prove I’m still here and not having these emails written by my kidnappers.


Wish You Where Here Special

Hello Everybody,
I had such a good weekend, I’ve decided to do “I Wish you where here” special. We booked to go to a Hotel called Casa Papaya at the Thai resort of Chi Am; it is about 150 miles away from BKK on the Gulf of Thailand. The trip was a bit arduous, a bus trip from home to near the Southern Bus Terminal, then a Taxi the rest of the way to the Bus Terminal and then a Bus to Cha Am followed by another Taxi ride to the hotel. It took about four hours, and it’s a journey you need to be prepared for! The cost however was a huge 242bht one way, that’s £3.20 to you and me.
We finally got there and I must admit, it was not what we were expecting, it was small compared to some of the complex’s that dwarfed it, it had a Mexican “Ting” going down, with lots of Cacti and the Bungalows looking decidedly Tex-Mex. We had the Beach Front Bungalow, as you can see from the photo, it was beautiful, the room was down stairs and at the side where steps that took you up to your own private sun terrace. The view from the Bungalow was special, obviously in the picture I make it better.
The Beach runs South for about 250 miles, and as you can see from the photo, it could be any beach in the Caribbean, except they don’t have Hurricanes and their where no people, Cha-Am is still quiet, with fishing still taking up most of the industry. The sea was amazing, it was hot! Not just warm, but actually hot, I’ve never encountered this before; we made the most of it, just lying in the shallows getting nice and warm. All along the beach there where these trees with a flower on them called the Lamphon, the flowers that Nuch is modelling are very strong smelling, they smell like concentrated roses, the whole air is full of the smell.
The following morning I got up early and took the picture of the sunrise, I knew it would be spectacular because we where facing due East. Anyway this took it out of me for the rest of the day, so I spent wandering from sea to Pool via the hammock.
So remember, if you want a change, think about the Gulf Coast of Thailand, there’s loads to do and a couple could do a fortnight trip here for around £1500 total, and you could come and see me in Bangkok for free!!!!
Talk to you later in the week with my weekly update.


Bangkok Life Part 6

Hello Everybody,
Finally finished my Thai Language Lessons, I had hope to tell you how fluent I was in Thai. Unfortunately, I did not pick up as much as I had hoped, I can now get by on Public Transport, Restaurants, Markets and greet people, and maybe I was looking for too much! The first picture was taken from my Thai School looking down towards the centre of Bangkok, you will the rail line, this is the Skytrain which links most of the centre of Bangkok, and on either side of the lower right hand road, the two silver domes are the underground stations, I use the Underground (MRT) to get into town.

Before this week does beer a review, because of death threats I received in regards to the Tiger Beer taste. I have to apologise and say that Tiger Beer is the best beer in the world! The whole Royal Navy can’t be wrong.
This week’s beer is called Leo, it as a taste that grows on you, at first it tastes like Tiger, but then a richer beer taste hits your throat. The cost is about 24p per half pint can, but it lacks strength, at only 5.4%abv. I estimate a cost of £2.40 to get up to full fight frenzy.

Taste 5/10
Ease of getting pissed 6/10
Value 7/10

Total score 18

This week’s fruit as no English name, when foreigners like me order it, we ask for Apple Custard, the main reason for that is when you scrape off the soft fibrous outer you reveal a soft white segmented fruit, and believe or not, it actually taste like apple pie and custard. A little bit to freaky for my taste. Also as you can see from the last photo, I had the pleasure of trying deep fried grasshopper, and guess what, it tasted just like you would expect! It was the legs sliding down my throat that made me not want to try the sautéed Beetle! This was reason number 2 not to get steaming drunk in Bangkok, I think I’ll stick to Tiger Beer in the future.

This weekend I’m off to the Seaside! To a Resort called Cha Am, we’ve booked a beachside Bungalow, expensive by Thai standards, a whole £55 for the night, it had better be good.

Speak to you all soon


Friday, July 22, 2005

Bangkok Life Part 5

Hello Everybody,
A bit of a quiet week, although very knackering! What with getting up at 06.30 to go to my Thai lessons, then the Gym every other day and the other days on my bike! It’s a good feeling to be falling asleep the second my head touches the pillow.

I’ve included a picture of a fairly nice house next to the Golf Course that I play, just to give you a feel for prices, this is a 5-6 bedroom detached house, probably all with en-suite, a huge plot of land and separate servant quarters, comes with fitted kitchen and fully furnished. It is about 10 miles outside central Bangkok, so is quiet and as good air quality. Maybe the price in Duffield or Allestree would be £350,000 minimum. The cost I’ve been assured is 5.5million Baht or a cool £75000. Apparently, if you use the builders finance, he will throw in a brand new Honda Jazz car as a sweetener.

This week’s beer, is the well known in the UK “Tiger” Beer. It as a flat sweet taste, nothing to write home about, it is available on draft in Bangkok at £1.15 a pint, at the local Supermarket it is 40p per half pint can, the strength is only a poultry 5%, this is definitely a tourist beer, and I’ve worked out you will to pay a huge £4.80 to get up to full fighting cadence. If you liked Skol, you’ll like Tiger. In all fairness it reminds me of Hull AFC,( The Tigers) not very good, no class and only softies like it.

Taste 3/10
Ease of getting pissed 4/10
This week’s fruit is the Salaa, it is
Value 3/10

Total score 10
about 70mm x 40 mm and as a very tough leathery spiny out, you have to peel the outer to get to a brownie fruit, and as you can see from the picture, it looks like someone’s ass, so I now call it the ass fruit. The taste is surprising, it as a sour taste but with a sweet after taste, it as a stone in the middle, you can buy them ready stoned and peeled for about 40p per kilo.

Just off to see “War of the Worlds”, hope it’s good.

Speak to you all soon


Bangkok Life Part 4

Hello Everybody,
This week as been marked by me actually doing something, on Monday I started Thai lessons, and boy is it difficult, it is a language with 13 vowels and 44 letters in the alphabet, mix this with 38 years of practicing broad Derbyshire and you’ll see the hurdle I have to get over. The school that I attend in the middle of Bangkok as asked me if I would be interested in teaching English lessons. Umm, I not that good myself, anyway I’ve said I will do 2 or 3 lessons for free, see how I get on, they have a syllabus, I just follow the script. Although I may teach them phrases should they ever end up in the Market Place in Derby “Hey up Youth” and “Two pint o’ Stella an a pint o’ Pedi, please Love”.

I have also decided to conduct a six week study into Thai Beer, it obviously goes against my usual abstinence were alcohol is concerned, but I feel I owe it to all recipients of this email. The first Beer is called “Beer Chang” and as you will see they are also the sponsors of Everton Football Club. Like all Thai beer, it is really a lager, it as a very sharp, bitter taste and at a massive 6.4%abv, it’s a packs a big punch. The cost in the city is about £1 per pint , or in the Supermarket near me it is 25p for a half pint can, so for £2, you can get tanked up to a real wife beating frenzy.

Taste 6/10
Ease of getting pissed 9/10
Value 9/10

Total score 24

Also this week, you’ll see the unusual fruit, this is called a Dragon Fruit. The outside of the fruit is similar to a huge radish, about two tennis balls size, you cut them in half length ways and then peel each side off. The white fruit in the middle is sweet, but not too sweet and as little black seeds in it which you eat. Weird but nice!

Because we are heading into the monsoon season, some of the sunsets are spectacular, this one was last Friday night, Superb.

Sorry to go on, but also this week, I bought a Mountain Bike and joined a Gym, I feel that now I’ve got time on my hands! I’m going to get fit, its about time, I’ve not felt so well for ages, so while I’m in the mood!!!!

Anyway, I’ve done now.

Speak to you all soon


(Lovely Sunst)

2000 Reasons not to visit Jakata

Hello Everybody,
Thought some of you might be interested in this little ditty out of the Bangkok Post, (Mick, Robbo and Simon). What bought it more to my attention was the fact they are real Mingers, a point made by Nuch, in her words "Thai Ladyboys are more beautiful". She as a point, they are! There are some people on this email list ( and you know who you are!) would fall in love after a couple of Eckington Shandies! Imagine the scandal....

Anyway, i'm off to explore my feminie side down Patpong, catch a Ladyboy and Ping Pong show, i'll try for pictures.

Till next time


Bangkok Life Part 3

Hello Everybody,
I have found out that i've just missed 43 years of my life, yesterday the electricity bill arrived, the date was 05.20.48. I asked Nuch what the 48 was, it turns out that Thailand as a different calendar, it is really the year 2048. Looking in the mirror, I dont look too bad for an 82 year old.

I sort of got off my fat ass, next week I start Thai Lanquage lessons, it is a two week intensive course, so I will now be able to tell what people are saying about me. It is a good trip into town each day, i've also signed up at a gym nearby.

I had to suffer the Weekend Market again this weekend, I was also horrified when Nuch saw these ornimental flying birds, I thought she was joking, but no! she was deadly serious. I asked her if she had heard of Hilda Ogden and Coronation St.? "No"! So there they are in all their glory up on the wall. I did however buy a fantastic looking Orchid Plant, Only £4, I thought a bargain, Nuch is still in shock at the cost.

We are just drifting into the monsoon season, there hasn't been much rain, but when it comes, it comes big, as you can see, you cannot see more than 100m, it just comes down vertically, the good thing is it is warm. the average daily temp is about 34degs, the low at night is never below 28degs. I'm getting used to the weather, you just know you have to shower 2 - 3 times per day and maybe 2 lots of clothes.

The last picture is of a Tuk Tuk, these are a form of Taxi found in the city centre, they look groovy, they soon piss you off though! if you stop near a curb, you are soon hasseled by a about 3 Tuk Tuks, they are cheap and weave through the traffic pretty well, however, the safety aspect is very dodgy, you are open to the pollution and fumes and also they're driven by young men who think they are driving a rally car.....

Anyway, gotta go! Just about to play golf!

Talk to you all soon.


PS. I've recently found out it's the year 2548! So thats 543 years i've lost!!!!!

Bangkok Life Part 2

(Eggy Sponge Cake)

Hello Everybody,
Life is beginning to settle down, I managed to pull my back at the driving range, just as I was about to hit my driver stright and 340 yards down the range, the range is only 200m long, so I'm unable to use anything less than a 6 iron.

Enough of the golf, I'm starting pick up the lingo "Nueng Singha Khrap" - " One Beer Please " Obviously I have to pick up the essentials first, " Which way to Hospital? I think i've broken my back at the Driving Range" can wait. The people seem friendly enough! All foriegners are referred to as "Farang" said "Falang", it is not an insult, any westerner is referred to in this manner. My height is a great curiosty to them, I tower over the nearest Thai Bloke by about 6".

Lets get to my favourite topic, "Food", I have already forgotten English Food, I'm now into Thai food badly, it is spicy, not delicately spiced like indian, but bloody raw chilli spicy. however you soon build a resistance to it. On every street corner there is someone selling freshly prepared hot food, yesterday I bought dinner from 3 stalls. First Stall I bought these what looked like mini cornish pasties, they're filled with a spicy chicken filling, the cost 30baht. Second I bought a pack of what were like spicy hamburgers with a sweet chilli sauce, there where about 10 burgers, cost 20 baht. lastly I went for rice with Thai green curry with chicken and a portion of spicy pork mince with chilli and rice, cost for both 50baht. There was enough for 3 easily, the total cost was 100 baht, which is about £1.40. I've stopped cooking. As it happen Nuch doesn't like her food ready mixed with rice, so I ate the bits I wanted and we went round the corner to an open air Thai Place, very basic!!! She had stir fry with prawns with a seperate bowl of rice, I had a Pepsi, cost 30 baht - 40p.
Also fruit, one of the pictures is of 3 fruits, the fruit is fantastic, the fruit on the left is called Mangsteen, you break it open to reveal a soft white sweet fruit, the second are called Yambatu,(look like hairy testicles, which is my name for them! Nuch pass me a hairy testicle please) no english name! You cut around the outside to reveal 1 half of the fruit then bite it and pull the rest of the skin off, they taste soft and sweet. ( Maybe like hairy testicles? Who Knows). The third are my favourite, Lychees. You peel the skin off to reveal the most sweet juicy inner, uummmm! The only problem is you have to buy a kilo at a time, it's ok, there only about 15p a kilo.
Oh yes the first picture are what the Thais eat instead of sweets. their made from egg and cooked like yorkshire puddings, they have the texture of sponge, but are very sweet, addictive!

I went to see the house that was being built for us, WOW! Its a semi, with three good sized bedrooms, it as 2 bathrooms, downstairs it as a open plan living and dining room and a kitchen and toilet, they have a good sized garden, they are quite a bit out of the city, but for the price of £18500 I'll make a few sacrifices.

Next week, I will get off my fat ass and get some money in, so if anyone is after any watches, bags, perfume, jeans or shoes let me know?
(Wierd Hairy Fruit)

Till next time


(Show House) (Side of show House)