Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Hardrock Cafe Bangkok

Near the end of our holiday, Nuch wanted to meet up with some more of her friends, so we met up at the Hard Rock cafe in Bangkok.

Always a good venue with a superb happy hour, expensive by Thai terms but it wont break the bank whilst on holiday.

Downstairs is pretty well full of working ladies looking for tomorrows breakfast and tonights pay check, but upstairs is an excellent restaurant and good view of the preceedings going on downstairs.

Elizabeth and i went home at about 8ish, anyone who see's Nuch, ask her what time she got home? Answer 3am uuuummmm!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Trip to Pattaya

After we got back from Hua Hin, it just seemed to be one rush after another, usually entailing waiting around for Nuch as she caught with her friends and did a load of shopping.

So we decided to spend the night in Pattaya. There is a seafood restaurant there that Nuch really likes and Elizabeth would get chance to play on the beach again. We stayed in a huge suite at the Cosy Resort on the central beach, it was a nice hotel, a bit of a stiff walk up and down to the beach, but the room was superb and only £35 a night, well worth a visit.

In the evening I scoped out a mexican restaurant in Town, so we caught a taxi and away we went. The restaurant was great, unfortunately in was smack bang in the middle of the Go-Go scene which I don't have a problem with and Elizabeth loved all the attention she was getting. The meal was great, up there with the best mexicans i've had.

The next day was spent on the beach, as predicted Elizabeth loved every second of it and kicked a mega fuss when we left.