Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 The year that was

2015 as been a bizarre year on the whole, the whole of my year can be summed up with these keywords #work #Elizabeth #cycling #football #eating out, pretty much in that order.

WORK as taken up way too much of my time this year, however to achieve the goals I set myself then sacrifices have had to made. Next year things are going to be different!
One of the things that is vaguely enjoyable is the staying away, This year I've stayed away all over the UK and even Denmark, from London, N. Wales, N. England, Lake District and all over Scotland. I've stayed in mostly excellent and some of the meals have been outstanding.

Like everyone of the last nine years that she as been alive, my daughter Elizabeth totally dominates my life, like every year we have been on many adventures. We spent a week away in N. Wales in September, even though the weather wasn't what you would expected we still had a brilliant time.

Elizabeth is mostly involved with my cycling these days, I would like to do more by myself but sadly I choose to find too many excuses not too.

Lastly football, Elizabeth is now playing for an under 10's girls football team and at the time of writing this her as played 5 games, won 2 and drew 3. I'm so proud of her and her new friends. They are such a great unit and hopefully next season they will stick together and progress through the leagues.

So to everyone that knows me, I wish you a super 2016 and to all the people I don't know I wish you a super 2016....