Sunday, June 22, 2008

South Beach Bridlington

South Beach at Bridlington is very nice, large, with clean sand. Sadly it is in the UK.

The weather is very rarely good and the sea is always that dirty brown colour. Around there is very little to do and short of it being a blistering hot day with no wind then visits to it will be short and sweet.

Today we walked on it jumpers and coats and poor Elizabeth got sand blasted legs. i know its not the beaches fault, the geography of the UK means we always have shit weather, but come on! At least get some infrastructure together to make it a place people visit all the time.
Oh Yes
Happy Birthday Lindsey

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Bike Rider

I've had a MTB now for a few months, I could use it more but looking after Elizabeth sometimes restricts that.

So to combat that I bought a child seat, sadly elizabeth is not too keen on the whole deal. She as to go slow and have nuch in sight at all times, so unless nuch is prepared to run by the side of us on rides then slow steps in getting her out are called for.

She does look cute in helmet though.