Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Prince and the Plane

This as got to be one of the strangest tale from Thailand to date. It involves the Crown Prince of Thailand, a defunct German building company and certain members of the Thai Government. Strangely due to the lack of press freedom in Thailand, very few people in Thailand know that anything as happened.

For several years there as been rumours about the Prince and a ir Hostess Mistress in Munich, I don't know the facts but if you check out Wikileaks there is plenty on the subject.

Well the Prince landed in Munich in his 737 and the plane was immediately impounded by administrators for a now defunct German construction company. They claim that they are still owed $30million from the Don Muang Express Way, despite several attempts to get the money out of the Thai Government they had to resort to drastic measures of impounding the thai Air Force jet.

The Thai Government has gone ape shit. Anything to do with the royal family then they react. Sadly over react! The Foreign Minister as flown to germany to help the Embassy sort this out. The german court will rule on the case monday. Sadly for the Thai delegation, Germany is ruled by the law and who you are as no bearance on preceedings. The FM as told the German Government not to risk a diplomatic spat with Thailand, Germany quaking in its boots as said bring it on.

The sadest thing about this affair is the fact it began on tuesday and it didn't break in Thailand until Thursday evening, and then only in a small way. Twitter and the net have been on top of it all the time. The bangkok Post ran a small story about it, but let no one comment on the forum. The Thai Press need to grow a pair....

They should use some of the 100's millions taken from Thaksin to pay the 30 million or prove they don't owe the money.

Bangkoks Top 50 Food Stalls

This book is a must for anyone visiting or living in Bangkok. I've been to Bangkok dozen's of times and lived there for several years and I could only say I've tried two out of the book. Nuch, who as lived in Bangkok for 30 years didn't know many of the places to eat either.

The book is set out in geographic sections, from Sukhumvit to China Town to Silom to Hualampong. The introduction and the beginning of the book describes the different type of food you will get and their thai pronunciation, also drinks are explained.

Layout is very simple, excellebt graphcics and the pictures are stunning. You could easily find a picture and show the food stall the picture and you'd be away. This book takes the panic out of eating on the streets in Bangkok.

I got the book from the Book Store in the Silom complex, I think it was 399baht (£8.00). You can also get it from Amazon.
Going to Bangkok, get this book!

A note for the Author. Maybe a study of the Shopping Malls Food Courts. The food always looks good, but how do order it and what is it?

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Hard times are a comin

Over the past few months I've seen the state of the UK go from bad to worse.

This isn't scare mongering, you only have to look outside your window and the High Street is failing, In Belper alone we have loads of closed shops and branches of Focus and Haldanes have closed down, with maybe Thorntons to go.

The state of the pound abroad is shocking, at the moment it is at a 15 year low, mainly because of our high inflation and no interest rate. This is supposed to be good for our export business, unfortunately no one is buying our products anyway so that's a waste of time.

Elizabeth's 2nd day of introduction to her new school was cancelled because the Teachers were on strike over the government cheating them over their pension.

Local train manufacturer Bombardier as just lost a huge contract to German firm Siemens. Who is the buyer? The British frickin Government. I can't believe they are so short sighted to think that was a good idea. The 3000 staff at the derby works are set to loose their jobs. Camoron and his cronies don't give a flying fuck! Their rich!!!!

All the current Government is bothered about is reducing the deficit at break neck speed! Yes, the deficit does need reducing, but why in five years when it could be done easily over 10 or 15 years. If you have a problem with a loan you speak to the bank and extend your repayments. You end up paying more back, but its easier week to week. Obviously, members of the cabinet have no concept of everyday life so I doubt this concept registers with them.

I really hope things get better by the turn of the year, for every ones sake.....