Sunday, September 28, 2008

Elizabeth is 2

Time is flying by at the moment, the day after we moved Elizabeth had her 2nd birthday.

We bought her a wendy house, a see saw, a slide and sand and water table. Now we have moved house we can put these things outside and Elizabeth can play with them when she wants to.

Elizabeth is a lovely girl, i'm sure all parents say that about their children. She is well balanced, has good manners and seems to be quite bright. I like to think Nuch and I are doing a good parenting job and with the help of my Mum, Elizabeth seems to enjoy her lot.


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Moved again again

Today we moved house again, this is three times since I came back to the UK. I must admit i'm getting very bored with the whole situation and hopefully this is the last time for a few years. If any one would like my new address, just drop me a line and i'll send you the details.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

New Thai PM

Thailand has got yet another new PM.

PM Somchai was sworn in the other day and you would think everything would now be rosy in the house of Thailand. Sadly Somchai is the brother in law of the ex disgraced PM Thaksin Shinawatra who is currently slumming it in the UK.

PAD have said that they aren't happy with the appointment and will keep the protest going, in a fairly significant move, the King of Thailand as has endorsed Somchai which will be a relief to him.

So its more watch this space until the next instalment.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Thailand - Arse - Elbow

The latest goings on in the Thailand political circus have reached new heights of ridicule!
Celeb Chef "Samak" gets the boot

Earlier this week, PM Samak was forced to resign over a curve ball issue. It seems he had received money for doing a cookery show, when you hold public office youre not able to participate in other paid work. So it seems he had to go. PAD must have loved this!

Then today, low and behold, Samak's Party (PPP) try to vote the bloke back in as leader and then defacto PM. Just when an impass looked even slightly possible, they go and revert to type. Let Samak go and pick an unblemished, non Thaksin PM, then call another election to shut PAD up.

Thailand is beginning to see a downturn in tourism, that is the last thing they need at the moment, but while the country is unstable and the Baht is poor on the exchange rate front, tourist will keep away.

Luckily at today vote, there weren't enough MP's to form a quorum and the vote on Samak had to be posponed.

Come on, someone in Thailand sort this mess out.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

National disgrace

On the radio this morning was an article about a british soldier who had been on injury leave from Afghanistan, he had tried to book into a hotel in Surrey and once they found out he was a soldier refused him.

He had to sleep in his car and drive back home the next day. Now Coporal Stringer is back on active service in Afghanistan and his local MP is taking up the matter.
Yes, the hotel may have had problems with pissed up squaddies in the past, I would have thought any young blokes on a night out can be rowdy, but to turn a member of the armed forces away is disgraceful.
The hotel is called Metro Hotel in Woking Surrey, until they give an explaination why the soldier was refused a bed then i would urge no one to stay at that hotel.
The Hotel has apologised and blamed a junior receptionist for the incident. Pretty big of them!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

It gets no better

Thai PM Samak

In bangkok today, a state of emergency has been declared.

This is after running battles between PAD and Goverment supporters, this will only get worse in the near future.
PAD (Peoples Alliance for Democracy) seemimgly don't want democracy, they seem to prefair a sort of military rule. It just seems strange that a few 10,000's protesters can try and dictate the will of the whole 60 million Thai population.

PM Samak hit back with a possible referendum on the issue's at the moment. PAD say it will ignore the vote, they only want Samak out of Office. Thai version of taking you bat home. I watch with interest the goings on, having been there during the last coup, i'd hate to see another one and people being hurt this time.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Baby no more

Elizabeth is growing so fast, I wish she would slow down.

She will soon be two years old and is walking, talking and being a proper little girl. She still does pretty much what I say, but sometimes, just sometimes can be super defiant.
She is moving up a class at nursery in a few weeks and doesn't want help feeding anymore. I suppose the next big thing will be in a few years when she starts school.