Saturday, October 10, 2015

Elizabeth's Football

My 9 year old daughter is quite an out going girl, providing I'm there! She takes part in a couple of sports, one of them being football.

She plays for the Belper Ladies under 10's or the Belper Bobcats. Today was her first game in the Derby league. I was super impressed how she did, Elizabeth as a natural talent for running down the wing with the ball and passing it to her forwards, her weakness is confidence in front of goal. However, I'm sure this will come if she chooses to keep going to football.

The score today was 1-0 to the Bobcats, a own goal separated the sides, however the other team only had 5 players, so our coach decided to field the same amount of players, a good gesture which meant he was able to rotate the team all game, the opposition were looking jaded by the end.

I got a little bit to excited in the first half when Elizabeth came close to scoring, I tried to be a littl bit quieter in the second half. I was disappointed with one of the parents from our team who wanted to call the match off because the other team didn't have the right number of players, it wasn't fair on them apparent. I suggested that it wouldn't be fair on our team to turn up. He maintained that at this age it is only a development sport and the result isn't important. I ventured that we didn't agree on that and whilst Elizabeth enjoying it is the most important thing to me, she does need to learn to work hard if she wants to get on. You can come second all your life or you can try to go one better. Her teams scores and league position aren posted so as not to discourage kids. Not sure about this either!

Anyway, despite having to get up early, Elizabeth throughly enjoyed herself and can't wait for the next match.