Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Like it or lump it

Thailands Army chief Prayuth Chano-cha has urged the public to refrain from discussing the possibility bombings during the New Year holiday, and the issue of the lese majeste law.

If people aren't happy with the situation with the Lese Majeste law they are quite welcome to leave Thailand.

The Lese majeste law is a law in Thailand that makes it illegal to criticise the Thai monarchy or the institution of monarchy. Recently a 61 year old was sentenced to 20 years for sending 4 text messages, an Thai born American was sentenced to 15 years for putting a link to a book that defamed the Thai King and a web board editor as been sent down because people posted adverse comments on her web forum.

The US Embassy in Bangkok as been allowing comments on its open Facebook page. Some of the comments left were definately in breach of the Lese Majeste law and the Embassy faced protests by ultra right groups that even posted pictures of a beheaded Ambassador on the page.

Ultra right wing shit like this really scares me, we are currently in the process of booking next years trip to Thailand, I will be monitoring the situation closely and if there are any further problems  and Malaysia here we come.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

McDonalds cross the boundry

In the local paper today and on advertising boards outside 2 McDonald Restaurants in Derby. McDonalds have annouced that they will be opening on Christmas Day. Even the whore monger giant Supermarkets have left this day as a holiday.

I can't believe any one at 9am on Christmas morning will think, "I know, we've opened the presents, now lets nip down to McDonalds". I really hope no one turns up and this will be the last time they do this stunt.

Lets make Christmas, Christmas again....