Sunday, July 29, 2012

First medal London 2012

At last, on day two GB have their first medal, a silver medal in surprise, surprise Cycling!

Lizzie Armisted broke away with two other riders with 50km to go and stayed away till the line.

Unfortunately, one of the other riders was Maria Van Boss, who is one of the best sprinters in the women cycling. lizzie gave it her all in shocking conditions and just missed out on gold.

Well done Lizzie.

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London Olympics 2012

The time as finally arrived, the 2012 London Olympic games have now started.

There have been a lot of negative press about the games, striking train drivers, passport staff and the army being called in for the lack of security.

However the opening ceremony was a true spectacle! Directed by Danny Boyle and a volunteer cast of 1000's and a true example of what the UK can do when we put our minds to it. The photos were taken at the ceremony.

I think our inept coalition government should take notice, give the people the tools and we'll use them...

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tour de France 2012

I've been cycling since 1980. I remember when you used to get a five minute slot on ITV Sport on a saturday afternoon, usually telling you that Sean kelly was winning the Green Jersey and Bernard Hinault was dominating the event.

In to the 90's, Channel 4 revolutionised the coverage of the event, but even then a British win was celebrated with a good knee's up, sadly I rearely got drunk. We had victories for the likes of Robert Millar, Sean Yates and Chris Boardman.

In the following ten years, David millar and Bradley Wiggins kept the faith for the UK, but not until 2010 and the formation of the Sky Cycling team did Britian have a chance of winning the tour.

Que this year, Bradley Wiggins has won most of the warm up events before the Tour and the Team they have taken to the Tour is near perfection.

Wiggins got 2nd in the Prologue and went on to win the yellow Jersey at the end of first week and with the help of Chris froome from his Sky Team he held on in the mountains and secured the win with an outstanding victory in the last TT. Other stage winners for Britian included Dave Millar, Chris Froome and of course Mark Cavandish the World Champion..

When Bradley Wiggins stood on the podium at the end of the Tour in Paris, I was so happy and proud. My competetive cycling days are behind me now, but it doesn't stop me from being proud of a sport that as been my life.

Oh, and lets not forget the side burns!!!