Thursday, October 01, 2009


Today I received a phone call from the Father of a former employer, not the run of the mill call but I will knock the living shit out of you if you don't give me tools back you have of my sons! Also anyone who gets in my way and your family will also get it.
The background of the story is, I have several tools and a set of laddres from this former employer. I will give them back when they give me my salary they owe me. They have put me in touch with the goverment compensation scheme, but nothing will happen this time of christmas. So i've decided they won't get their tools till then.
I had to call the Police and in all fairness, they came straight round to the house and took a statement and told me they will have a word with this thug. Also my current employer had a word with the thug and calmed him down.
I hate dealing with people using the laws of the jungle and at the end of the day I wont put my family in jeopardy. In the same breathe I dont want to give in to bullies, i'm sick of doing this....