Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Thailand Bound

We have at last booked to go to Thailand again. This time we are going for nearly 3 weeks and I'm looking forward to it this time around.

Usually our Thai holidays involve me hiring a car for the whole holiday and being a Taxi for Nuch, so she can go and see her friends and family. We also stay at our house which is a good journey from Bangkok and the main sights. However we have just recently sold the the house so we be stopping in several Five star Hotels and resorts.

We will be flying to Thailand with Emirates Airlines via Ebookers from Birmngham via Dubai, hopefully flying to Bangkok in the new A380 Airliner.

We'll spend the first four nights at the Dusit Thani in Bangkok, this is a five star Hotel near the centre of Bangkok. We like the Dusit group of hotels and can't wait for the excellent service you get at the hotel.

After this we shall be driving to Koh Samet. We have hired a small Nissan Micra to drive us to the port across from the island and catch a speed boat over to the Island. We'll be staying at the Samed Villa resort. Again we have stayed there before and love the fact it is right on the beach. Two of Nuch's neices will be going with us, I hope this means I will get some time to myself and get the chance to relax for more than a few minutes whilst the girls look after Elizabeth.

It will be back to the Dusit for a five night stay before we hire a big Toyota Fortuner to drive down to Cha Am. Cha Am is a beautiful resort with a superb beach, we are staying at a Courtyard by Marriott resort. I know the Hotel and are looking forward to staying there. We'll keep the Toyota for the last week and try and get in plenty of day trips. I want to take Elizabeth to the Tiger Zoo and maybe Koh Yai National Park for a walk in the jungle.

The last part of the stay will be at the Dusit again, although I may have a look at another hotel, just to see what other Hotels are like for the next visit.

I will try and update the blog as I go in Thailand, can't wait...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


This week the UK and Thailand and are experiencing bizarre weather patterns. Hot and humid Thailand is being besieged by very wet weather and even cool temperatures. Last week an old man died in northern Thailand from the cold.

In the UK this week the temperatures have been up to 17C and the sun as been out in glorious fashion. Hopefully this weather lasts in the UK.

However the weather in Thailand can get hotter and drier by the end of May....

Poverty Britian

I can honestly say that living in the UK is the worse I have ever known it!

Everyone seems to be cutting back and it doesn't look like things are going to get better any time soon.

Today George (Not in touch with the common man) Osbourne gave us a give and take take Budget. That man is so out of it, he seems to have given business a little, the normal bloke an even small bit and the rich wont notice a few £1000 missing.

Just lately I've noticed:
Food pricing rising at over 10%
Petrol over £6 a gallon
Electricity and gas up double digits
Insurance up
Anything with transport costs up

All this is not good.......

Monday, March 21, 2011

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bad taste cartoon

The cartoon on this post was posted in 'The Nation', a Bangkok based English newspaper.

It shows a sumo wrestler holding Deaths sythe and riding a tsunami on a surf board. In hindsight, any cartoon about the disaster in Japan is poor taste, but coming the day after and using such inappropriate stereo-typing and you can see why the cartoon was pulled so quickly and why it's difficult to find a copy.

Very poor 'The Nation', maybe a weeks profit should be donated to any Japanese charity and the cartoonist being fired.

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Disneyland Paris

Last week I took Elizabeth to Disneyland Paris in France.

She was so excited, and to be honest so was i. I was also looking forward to doing france again after eight years away.

We dove down there via Dover and a P & O ferry and then drove to Disneyland. The drive was ok, but there is a severe lack of signs for DL. My Garmin SatNav didn't have DL on its database and after a brief loss of direction (getting lost) I sparked up my iphone GPS and guided myself in.

We were there fairly early and soon got in to the Disneyland Park, there were alot of rides for lizabeth and at first the que wasn't to bad, but they soon muilt up to 30-45 mins per ride. This sort of que also applied to any que for food. When you did finally find something to eat, the cost was staggering. I can safely say that it was a rip off, Disney have yet to learn that if they reduced their prices I'm sure they would sell more and people would go home feeling less ripped off and want to go back.

We went to a show show, which Elizabeth loved. Lets face it, this visit was for her. After six hours in DL we left before the main crowd came away. Good move!

I would give Disney 4/10, Elizabeth probably 8/10...