Saturday, March 28, 2015

Working away

My job means that I have to work away from home on a regular basis.

Several weeks a year I stay away all week,  usually this is with a colleague for company,  however the week just past I had to complete the week alone. At first is ok,  but on the second day you realise that you haven't spoken to anyone about anything other than work,  the driving starts to take its toll and the days begin to meld into one.

I always stay in nice hotels.  Monday I stayed in Glasgow at an hotel called CitizenM,  this is an uber modern hotel in the centre of Glasgow.  It as cubicle rooms with a huge bed that takes up over a third of the room,  it as superb wifi,  free movies and a really cool vibe.

The following day I spent at the Bird Hills Hotel in Edinburgh,  whilst the hotel was ok,  it was somewhat out of the city centre so I had to eat in the hotel. Again not speaking to a soul.

I then had a super long drive after my appointment in Edinburgh,  I finished up at the Black Lion Hotel near Abergele in North Wales. This was in a super remote spot,  no mobile signal,  but remote in a peaceful type of a way. I had to eat at the pub because there wasn't anywhere else within 10 km.

The following night was spent in Harrogate,  this northern town is always a pleasure to stay in,  the choice of restaurants and bars is excellent and the Holiday Inn is superb.

Anyway,  the best thing about being away all week is the getting back home. Sadly planning my next excursion.  Luckily only for a couple of nights and both staying in Harrogateand the second night at least with colleagues.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Black Boy Inn Caernarfon

Last week I stayed away in North Wales,  I chose Caernarfon as my base.

I love north Wales,  it is without doubt my favourite part of the UK. Caernarfon can be a little intimidating,  most of the locals call Welsh their first language and it is probably the hub if Welsh nationalism. Do not let this put you off, the town as many excellent hotels and restaurants and the castle is top drawer.

I stayed at The Black Boy Inn, from the outside it looks like a small pub,  somehow there are 21 rooms shoe horned into the place. I paid £60 for a night bed and breakfast which is excellent value.

There is a small car park,  first come first served so get there early. The wifi in the hotel is first class.

My room had a four poster bed which is very comfy,  the bathroom is quite large with all modern fittings.
I ate at the hotel,  the food is fine but there are better places to eat just a sort walk away. You can put your bill to the room bill.

Breakfast is very good, fresh ingredients and piping hot. The service throughout the hotel is excellent.

I award The Black Boy a sound 8/10 and would definitely use them again.

Facebook, the death of personal blogs

It's been nearly a year since I've entered anything into this blog. I've come to the conclusion that the downfall of the blog directly mirrors my use of Facebook.

All the relevant topics I used to cover are now mostly covered in my Facebook pages. My family life and also my work life.

I have spent some time thinking what this blog could manifest itself in to, I've tried Thai life and politics, in all fairness the situation in Thailand is so out of here I struggle to get a grip of what is going on. I still want to incorporate any news from Thailand and should anything stand out I'll put it in a post.

My daily ventures at work could be very relevant, I stay away in many places during the week and these could easily make for a good post. Sharing some of my Facebook posts might also be an idea.

So over the next few weeks I will try and put some posts up and see if I can kindle some interest, both for anyone who actually reads this blog and also for myself.

See you all soon.