Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bangkok Post - No Comment

Since starting my visits to Thailand and subsequently living there I've used the Bangkok based Bangkok Post as my main source of information on what is happening in Thailand.

Since the Military Coup in 2006 BP as gone downhill fast, where once you could expect a fair and balanced editorial, now it is so biased to the Right/Yellow political side. Everything in the paper seems to be disagreeing with the current PTP/Red government.

This as been passed down to to the comment section at the end of each report. I've been a member of the comment forum for many years and have had over 100 of my comments printed, sadly I've had more than that not printed. It seems nowadays you aren't allow to criticise the PAD parties even when they flaunt the law daily and the only way to get a comment printed is to kiss PADs ass..

Last week I sent the following email to BP to find out why in the last 2-3 weeks none of my comments have been posted.

"I am trying to find out the reason why you have not printed any of my last 10 comments against articles that have appeared on the Bangkok Post website?

I understand that they are critical of either Khun Suthep, the PDRC and the Democratic Party. However I have checked the terms and conditions of posting and it does say that you should not comment in a political or in a personnel way about a person. So I guess that could be a reason. It seems though, that you able to say what you please about the PTP Government and the Shinawatra Family, but the first mention against the illegal street gathering and protests that are ruining Thailands overseas reputation are forbidden.

If this is the case, then please cancel my online profile and I will find a more reliable source of information on Thailand (BBC, CNN, Al Jezera, ABC)."

Surprisingly I've had no reply, like a lot of things in Thailand if you ignore a common truth the it doesn't exist.

Come on Bangkok Post, let everyone comment as they like and not how you'd like them too.

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

No news please....

For the last year I've switched the radio station I listen too.

I now listen to Talk Sport, and whilst the programming is excellent and always an enforces on jokey banter, the best thing about the station is the lack of news and current affairs. I used to listen to BBC Five Live, a mixture of news, current affairs and sport. Sadly it's part of the BBC, an institution that used to be impartial and always my first port of call for news and info.

Nowadays the BBC is so politically correct and biased, I can't stand to either listen or watch any of their news programs. Take the recent and on going political problems going on in Thailand. They seem to be concentrating more on Thaksin Shinawatra still being in proxy control and less about the anti government groups that are actively seeking to suspend democracy and have the rhetoric of Europe in the 1930's. Why they chose this path I haven't a clue.

Same in Ukraine, a mob of right wing opportunists overthrow a democratically government is hailed as gallant heroes and when Russia dares to put their two penneth in, they tow the UK government line and condemn the Russians. Never a mention the number of times that the US and UK have entered different countries in the name of freedom and democracy....

Anyway, this is all behind me, I'm as happy as a pig in shit listening to Talk Sport and let all the important people get on with running the world.