Monday, November 30, 2009

Red Bull UK

Red Bull have released what they call a shot. It is similar to the original Red Bull you get in Thailand.

Thailand was the birth place of red bull and it comes on a small 200ml brown bottle and as the consistency of cough mixture. It also as a mega kick on the energy front.

The UK version is a weak comparison and as a little kick. The biggest difference as usual is the price. In Thailand it cost 19p a bottle and the smaller bottle in the UK is nearly £2 for a smaller shot. As usual rip off Britian!!!

So on conclusion, find a Thai or Chinese importer and get a real Red Bill and don't wage money on a more expensive, lower grade alternative....

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hate Day

Its only 8.20am and I have addedtwo more people to my hate list.

First are my previous employer's, or more precisely Darren Bullock. This is the hard faced little shit who through his inability to run a company left me without a job a few weeks back. This scum owes me salary and expenses and despite promises of them being paid, they won't be. Yesterday he phoned up out of the blue and informed me the company was in the hands of the receivers and I was now a creditor and would have to go through the receivers to get any money. We all know that means no money. I have some of Coverall's tools at home and was waiting to hear from Bollock how to get them back. He told me they had told the receiver that I have the tools and they were in the pot for sale and i'd better not do anything with them. At that point I put the phone down, muttering the words "Revenge is a dish best served cold". I will wait to hear from the receivers as to what my next move will be.

The thing that really pissed me off was he made no attempt to apologise for the fact he had screwed up and very was super arsy on the phone, oh well thats what you get for working with kids! Last night I was contacted by one of the twenty or so people they swindled out of deposit money and I was asked if I would cooperate with a criminal investigation that is being launched into the whole affair, in light of the days conversation, what could I do but say "Yes".....

Update, I have had to swallow slot of pride this week, DB is now working with me so I have had to learn to live with him...........

Also, there is a little known CELEB CHEF on TV called James Martin, he is one "up his own arse bloke". A second rate chef and third rate as a celebrity. He as come out and said how much he hates cyclists and how on one occassion whilst testing an electric car he deliberately caused a crash in a bunch of cyclist. He is a Jeremy Clarkson wannabe, Jeremy Clarkson, you know he is a sad bitter old bloke who is jealous of anybody with a life. But to pretend to be him whilst cooking a fish dish is really sad.

So to you Mr. Martin, come round to my house and tell me you hate cyclist's and you'll end up with more than egg on your face.

Too much negativity for one day, although it is still young......

blogging from my iPhone

I'm in the process of begining to post blogs from my iPhone. At the moment I can't post pictures, but it does mean I can post when I'm not in front of my laptop.

This whole process should make for more posts.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Still Alive

I know, I know, its been nearly two months since my last blog.

The main reason for this as been work, the last two months have been super stressful and have occupied most of thoughts. The guy who owned the company is in the process of going bust and can't own a company. A friend of his as a company stashed away and all us employee's are being transferred over to the new company. Confused? I am.

After all this, the new company does seem to be going in the right direction and over the last few weeks cash flow and bill paying have got loads better. Having said that I did resign last monday because of interference from the old boss.

Its been a fun time at home, we have had had Halloween, Belper Fair and Bonfire night. All were great and Elizabeth loved them.

Thailand is going through its fair share of troubles as usual, Ex PM Thaksin is at the heart of them. He as been given a job as economic advisor for Cambodia. The Thai goverment are spitting feathers. There have been protests and counter protests. The thai goverment seems to have lost the complete mandate from the Thai people outside of Bangkok and probably the majority in the capital.

Below I have put up a few photos of stuff that as happened and I promise to post more regually.