Thursday, November 13, 2008

At least were not in Thailand

I know that living in the UK at the moment is fairly poor, what with the recession, troops in far lands, knife crime and X-Factor.

Thailand seems to have missed the worst of the global recession on the surface, however scratch just a little bit under the skin and not everything is rosy in the Land of Smiles.

Political woes still plaque the country, the leader of the anti goverment movement PAD who is fighting the goverment on sleeze charges has just resigned over the precurment of a load of fire engines, seems his fingers have been caught in the till himself. The south of the country as erupted in to violence again with insurgents kicking off, and today a bomb was thrown into a market that had been refusing to pay higher rent charges wounding thirteen.
The biggest problem is the state of the baht against world currencies, unlike the pound which is on its arse, the baht is very strong. Today is was only 51 to the £1, when I first went to Thailand it was 71baht. Thats a big difference, people will stop importing goods from Thailand and tourists will think twice about going there because of the near same same prices with the UK.

Hopefully by the time we go over next may, the baht is a little better against the pound, 70 baht to the £1 would be nice.