Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pattaya Death Toll March 09

A very qiuet month, probably goes to show how quiet things are in Pattaya. The tourist trade is definately down. The global credit crunch and the loss of face to Thailand from the closing of the Airport last aren't helping. Hopefully Songkran will turn things around next month.

February 2009
Road deaths
Murdered 1 ( 1 Brit )
Natural 4 ( 2 German, 2 Brit)

Total 2009
Road deaths
Murdered 1 ( 1 Brit )
Suicide 1 (1 Aussie)
Natural 14 (4 Brits, 2 Swede, 1 Dane, 2 Yanks, 5 German)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sick Bastard

I always get a bit peeved when people mention Thailand and Kiddie sex in the same breath! I try to defend Thailand by saying that under age sex in Thailand is no worse than any other country. Also at the end of the day, the perpotraitor is usually a non Thai.

But!, what can you say about this sick fuck?

Read this report from Pattaya One and make your own mind up!

"Tourist Police held a press conference on Thursday morning to announce the arrest of Mr Paul Dixon, a 45-year-old British passport holder, on charges of engaging in sexual activities with a Thai male under the age of 15. Police told journalists they had set up an observation post in a known early morning area frequented by foreign men in search of sex with underage Thai males. Mr Dixon had allegedly come into this area at around 4:30am and offered the teenager 500 baht to perform sexual acts with him. Police pounced, arrested Mr Dixon and went to the man's room where they found what they claim are incriminating objects such as KY jelly, pornographic movies, and allegedly incriminating photos. Mr Dixon may now face court proceedings in coming days."

This is the kid he tried to exploit

Poor kid!

Monday, March 16, 2009


Got a temp job working nights on an assembly line for minimum wage!

It'll keep the wolf from the door......

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Thailand One Matlock and Chris the IDIOT!

I received this comment to my Thailand One Matlock Post:

Anonymous said...

"You must be an idiot who could not read. They did not open on Sunday allday before. They just announce that they are open for Sunday Dinner now. I am not English but I could understand English better than you."

GET YOU!!!!! Whoever Anonymous is? They are well brave! I have never pretended to be the best at english grammar, just a quick look through any of my posts will show you. Anonymous though takes the biscuit! Even I can find seven mistakes.

This is obviously a Thai person who has taken the the hump because I criticised a Thai restaurant, maybe (And this is a maybe or is it alledgedly?) it's someone who works at Thailand One?

On the particular day in question, we tried loads of places to find a contact number without success, I even tried the Lincoln branch of Thailand One. Sadly a very unhelpful young lady didn't even know there was a restaurant at Matlock. So we set off to see and hey presto! They were closed, several other couples came and went whilst we were standing outside the restaurant. They weren't too happy either.

I wasn't going to go the restaurant, however I now will and hopefully the meal is good because I intend to publish a review on my blog and send it to the local papers.

So i'll be seeing Thailand One at Matlock very soon, obviously i'll try sunday evening because they are now open.

For the sake of fairness, here is a Link to Thailand No.1

Monday, March 02, 2009


When I first went to Thailand, you got 74 Thai Baht to the pound. This made a four star hotel £35 a night, a bottle of beer in a bar £1 or a superb meal for 4 around £35!

Today the baht was down to 51 to £1, this means a hotel room is £50, your beer £1.30 and the meal also up to £50! Still cheaper than the Uk, but this is more down to the local bars, restaurants and hotels keeping their prices lower and slashing their profit margin.

The problem is really the UK's problem, our economy, especially the banks are on their knees. Take today, the pound lost 2% to baht simply because HSBC came out with shit figures so everyone sold the pound, cheers!!!!!

Come on people, don't you know i'm going away in a few months, up near 60 would be cool.