Sunday, January 20, 2008

Long Hair

Elizabeth is growing so fast and is developing all the traits of an individual small person. She loves nursery (Sometimes more than home).

She eats what is put in front of her and sleeps through the night, mostly!

She throws the occassional paddy, we just clear the area and let her thrash round on the floor, usually it means she is tired. She rarely sleeps at nursery and at the weekends sleeps at least 18 hours a day so she can recharge her batteries.

I'm into being a Dad, and who knows the pitter patter of tiny feet could happen again.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2007, The year in review

Elizabeth, Nuch and I a week before I came to the UK.
2007 as had to have been the craziest year of my life. More up and downs than a bungie jumper on speed. I think at the end of the day it was a good year, but only just.

At the beginning of the year, things started to go wrong in Thailand, my tyre business started to have supply problems, without the stock it became almost impossible to sell anything on ebay and by febuary I knew that I had to return back to the UK. Nuch was very strong and agreed that I should bring Elizabeth with me and she would come over when she got a visa.
It was a bad time to begin with, then I got help from Phil and John to get back and later an offer of a job on my return seemed like to good to be true. It was! I arrived back in the UK on march 6th and stayed at my Mum's. This year would not have been possible without my Mum, she as helped every single step of the way, looking after Elizabeth until Nuch came over in June, financial help and general support.
Mummy's home
The job I came over too was fine at first, but then the guy I worked for showed his true colours and after making a series of very bad business decisions, couldn't
Daddy's little girl
afford to keep me. I wasn't to pleased about this as I got the blame for his ineptitude and then he sent letters to all my neighbours informing them I was tapping into their wi-fi. I will never forgive him for this, NEVER!
Elizabeth on her 1st birthday
Nuch came over in June and immediately didn't like it, Nuch had a good life in thailand and here she was looking after Elizabeth and earning no money. She had also had a good time whilst I wasn't in Thailand, going away seeing lots of Mates. So to be over here and not have a great deal of money was a shock. Luckily by the end of september things began to turn around. She got a job in Belper and we moved in a great new apartment.
I went to work for a company called Challenge PT, I thought getting back into the engineering world would be the best thing, unfortunately it became clear that the job I had undertaked became impossible due to the fact that UK manufacturing is on its arse. Plus my sales efos was in total opposition to Challenge PT. At the beginning of december Phil came along and offered me a job in his company, I jumped at the chance to work with Phil again. So by the end of the year things are looking ok, I could be healthier! Nothing to worry about. Christmas was great and we are looking forward to 2008. Wer'e going to try and get back to Thailand in the first half of the new year, show Elizabeth her Thai heritage.
So thanks to everyone who as kept in touch and sod you! to all those who didn't.

Elizabeth at 15 months, grown up girl