Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Fast Car Hire


On our trip to Thailand we used a company to book our hire car called "Fast Car Hire" (FCH). I paid a deposit in December and the balance at the end of February. We received a voucher to be used with Thai Rentacar (TRC).

A few days before, I contacted the TRC to check all the details and was reassured it was. On the morning I should have picked the car up a shiny new Mitsubishi SUV was delivered, I paid the deposit and waited for the keys. It was then I was told I had to also pay for the full amount as FCH hadn't paid for the hire.

I went back up to the room and checked my FCH account and the was a message saying there had been an error with accounting and I would have to pay for the hire.

I couldn't believe the email!

I had to send the car away, luckily my in-laws loaned me their car and the holiday went on as planned.

To cut a long story short, FCH never paid me the refund or communicated with me again. I had paid by PayPal, they were shocking and did nothing to help. The only people who seemed to be interested were my bank Lloyds TSB. They launched a debit card inquiry and have got my money back from PayPal.

Fast Car Hire seem to be a complete set of con artists, even though the whole incident has been a struggle, I'm determined to get some redress from them and will pursue them through Trading Standards and Watchdog.

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