Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 The year that was

I can honestly say that 2009 has been the worst year I can remember! Four jobs, not alot of money, a holiday that wasn't what i'd hoped for and a current job i'm not over the moon with.

At the end of january I lost my job with Phil at PSA Properties, this was a direct result of the credit crunch and couldn't be avoided, I also lost Phil as a best mate, this is a whole different story, one i'm not ready to tell yet. Things are definately beyond repair in that friendship, oh well, It took the whole of february to find a job, this gave me time to have a good time with Elizabeth especially in the big snow we had that month.

The job I got was a temp position at a local ladder manufacturer, it was bloody hard work, working through the night on a 12 hour shift. In all fairness it was good not having to use my brin, just make back legs for step ladders!

May saw us go on holiday to Thailand, in all fairness we shouldn't have gone, money was tight and because of this we didn't have the holiday we wanted. This also conicided with my weight loss, over the year i've lost 18kg and 2 waist sizes. Sounds good, but i'm not sure what is causing it. Anyway I get back from holiday, went into work only to find out the temp agency had lost the contract and I was again jobless.

Luckily I was only out of work for a few weeks. I got a job with a agricultural farm building company, originally set on to erect the buildings, but eventually used to project manage the builds and sell the buildings. The company was busy, unfortunately busy because they were under selling the buildings, making a loss. This was obviously a business going no where fast and just after my birthday at the end of august they were forced to close down owing a load of cash.

Out of work again, luckily I found a job the same day with a supplier of the company, this company as since been taken over and whilst things do seem to be on the up, I can no longer feel secure in a job and never take anything for granted.

Elizabeth keeps on being an excellent child, she gets better and better. Her nursery is bringing her along in a great way. She can be naughty at times and she does find Nuch and I boring compared to nursery. We have begun to enrol her in a primary school, even though its twenty months away, the school we wnt for her is always over subscribed, so the early bird.....

Thailand as been in the news alot this year and not usually for the best reason. Everything from Political tension, poor economy, security problems and very poor human rights. The tourist industry is in a real downturn, when we were ther in may/june, some of the beaches were deserted. Whether we go back next year will depend on a number of factors.

I really hope that 2010 will be a better year, it can't be much worse than 2009!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas is coming

Well, it's the week before Christmas and everything is organised. I have never been so well prepared for a Christmas before. The turkey is bought and more importantly so is the booze.

I break up from work on Wednesday and font go back until Jan 4th, so I'm looking forward to a good time off.

The weather is blinking cold and we have had a little bit of snow today, this means we may have a white Christmas this year........

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Bad boat crash

Today in Pattaya there was a head on boat crash just a few hundred metres off shore.

A boat with twenty Taiwanese tourists coming back from an island called Koh Larn, they were confronted head by a smaller high speed boat coming straight at them, unfortunately both boats turned the same way and a collision occured. The tourist boat sank pretty much straight away and two of the tourists sadly drowned. Two more are in a serious state, 14 others had to be treated for minor injuries.

This follows on from several watersport accidents this year, although nothing seems to have been done to curb the dangerous antics of some of the banana boat mafia. Maybe now, something will happen!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

no more parcels, were British

Today the MOD informed the general public to stop sending parcels to armed forces personel based abroad.

It as become a bit of a tradition to send a goody parcel to a "British Soldier in Afganistan". from what I've heard the squaddies really appreciate these random acts of kindness, proving that people back home do care about them. These parcels usually contain soaps, stationery and food goodies.

I can see why in the run up to Christmas it would be best not to send the parcels so their friends and families presents can get through to them, but for the rest of the year all parcels should be allowed. The MOD says the extra parcels mean more flights all over the world putting flight crews in extra danger. I put it that it's some petty beauracrat is trying to save a few quid!

I bet the bloke who thought of this new edit won't be on the front line over the holiday period and they'll have all there parcels.....