Saturday, May 11, 2013

Working Away From Home

In my latest job, I have to work from home on average 1 or 2 times a week.
I've worked away from home in previous jobs but never for this long. The hotels that I have stayed in range from horrible small flea pits in Oxford to palatial executive suites in Reading.
Several excellent hotels stand out in my mind.
Crowne Plaza at Chester. This by itself is a very good quality hotel, but in with that for price of £30 you can upgrade to the club suite. This means a better room and use of the Club Lounge, this as free alcohol and food most of the day. Also a superb breakfast.
Hallmark at Carlisle is another example of an excellent Hotel, part of a chain of old railway hotels. They aren't the most modern hotels but have an old world charm I would recommend to anyone.
I've stayed in some pretty bizarre hotels including hunting lodges in the Scottish highlands and out of the way secluded hotels in North Wales. Both of which were superb hotels and come highly recommended.
Below are some of the views I've had from my hotel rooms. However, no matter how good the hotel is, it's always good to get home.