Friday, August 16, 2013

Thailand vs Turkey

First off, this isn't a competition to find which one as the worst human rights history, no just a look at day to day stuff the tourist will come up against.

Also, before I get the experts telling me I'm wrong. This is just a snapshot from the holidays I had this year.

Getting there.

Tougher than you think? Yes, Turkey is only 4 hours away, against Thailand being a 12 hour flight. The cost per mile means Turkey is a lot more expensive. 4p per mile to Thailand and 16p per mile to Turkey, also take in to account that economy on emirates is far better than cattle class with Thompson. However, the four hour journey gives Turkey the edge.

TR 1 - 0 TH

Price at resort

Due to the pounds weakness and the Thai baht strength, Turkey wins this one hands down. Turkey seems to keep its currency cheap knowing its what attracts people. The average meal for the three of us in Turkey was around £30' in Thailand you'd be looking at over £40. Turkey isn't into street food like Thailand, then again, neither am I.

TR 2 - 0 TH


Thailand is out and out in front. Turkey as good cheap hotels and good expensive hotels. Thailand as good cheap hotels and excellent expensive hotels. It was a struggle to find a 5 star hotel at our resort, in Thailand the global chains are there in force.

TR 2 - 1 TH


Another one for Thailand, easily. The beaches say at Hua Hin compared with Olu Deniz are far superior. The water in Turkey is probably clearer, but you get a better class of Hawkers in Thailand.

TR 2 - 2 TH

Holiday safety.

I have to say that I feel more safe in Turkey. Maybe because its close to Europe and as a lot of standards you would expect in Europe. Thailand outside of Bangkok can sometimes be intimidating.

TR 3 - 2 TH


This year in Thailand we had 12 good days out of 15 and in May/June that's not bad, humidity is the killer in Thailand. In Turkey it was 35-40 C everyday and not a cloud in the sky. The temperature is a lot more bearable.

So the finish is

Turkey 4 - 2 Thailand

It's not as clean cut as that and there are something's like other tourists, local social differences and family that also make a difference, but this is trying to look at it from a tourist point of view.

The beach at Hua Hin

The beach near Olu Deniz

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