Sunday, June 16, 2019

Samsung S10

Back in Feb I treated myself to a new Samsung S10 mobile phone.

This is the first since coming back to the UK I've bought a phone out of contract. Basically the list price was £799, I got £289 to exchange my S8 and £32 from a cash back site. the total for the phone was £478 plus I also got a free pair of the new Samsung Ear Buds worth £149.

Put this against the £30 per month I'll save going down to a sim only contract and basically I'm quids in, it also gives me more freedom to go with any provider.

The plus's of the Samsung are many:

Three camera's on the back, superb wide screen option
No notch for the camera
fingerprint sensor in the screen
Great battery life
New Android operating system
Good tie with my Samsung watch
Definitely more interactive than any other phone I've used
Dual Sim
SD Card up to 128GB


You wouldn't want to drop it, glass back very expensive
Took a while to get rid of some of the in built pre sets

That's it really.

The pictures it takes are amazing, the wide angle feature and the super slow mo are great photographic tools.


Performance 8/10
Battery 8/10
Value 8/10

Am I glad I bought it? Yes...

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