Wednesday, June 12, 2019

No Social Media

Time to air out the old Blog again....

This time its because I'm taking a break from social media. The issue I have with social media are many as are the benefits I can see from using it.

So during July I'll be coming off Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and deleting Snapchat. The only two I'll be keeping is WhatsApp for news on Elizabeth's football and Messenger. I use messenger for my video chat, although I will be trying outs WhatsApp video calling during the month.

Its the continual snooping that is really getting me down, no sooner do I look at something on eBay and my Facebook stream is full of those same products, Twitter isn't so bad and is my main form of news, so I will miss Twitter the most, but the different factions on my feed are just shouting at each other, they are both right and both wrong but there is no common ground at the moment.

Snapchat is easy to delete, I never go on it, not sure why I joined. Instagram is something else I've never really got the hang of.

The only people who will miss my posts will be my family and a few close friends, if at the end of July I want to go back on the Social Media circus I will have to look at who the are that really interact with me and delete accordingly.

So should any one feel the need to contact me during July, the best way will be through this blog.

See you on the other side..........

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