Thursday, October 28, 2010

Future direction

Whilst I'm off work, it's been a struggle to keep Elizabeth occupied with activities that are worthwhile. She as started at a new neursery due to the intransigence of her old one. This only takes up one day per week, so I've been thinking what pastime she will do in the future.

Bend it like Beckham

This raises another question, the pastime or hobby she takes up, will it be her chioce or one influenced by me? I would like to think it is one she chooses that I like!!!!

I would like her to get into any of the following. Golf, cycling or Hiking. At the moment she seems to be more in to wanting to dance! This is not on the menu, if it's what she wants then I will help her out, however the phrase last resort springs to mind.

At the moment she is bugging me using a drum stick on anything in the living room and making a mess which I will have to clean up.

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