Sunday, October 17, 2010

Alfreton Cross

Yesterday I took Elizabeth to watch a Notts and Derby Cyclo Cross race at Alfreton Park.

In the 1990's I used to participate in these races all over Nottingham and Derby every winter, they were great fun. Keeping you fit and blowing the cobwebs away on a chilly saturday afternoon.

I secretly hope that Elizabeth will want to start bike racing, sadly she is more interested in Barbie and Baby Annabel! There is a bit of hope for her starting golf and these next couple of weeks whilst I'm off work I'll see if I can get her to swing the club better and maybe think about lessons.
Hopefully a cyclist of the future!!!!

Back to the cross race. The under 10's race had a massive field of 61 and when we left the que for the adult was about 30 deep. This is a very popular discipline of cycling. Competitors use something that look like a road bike, but has more tyre clearence for the mud and stronger cantilever brakes to stop you in the mud.

I had hoped to use this race but getting fit is taking longer than I thought, so I reckon that this time next year, this race will see my return to racing. I've said this before, but hopefully this is it....

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