Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Its Freezin (Honest!)

This last week in Bangkok, a touch of winter as forced its way onto the scene. The temperature as dipped just below 20C. The Thai's have been getting the jumpers and coats out in droves.

Even Nuch got her fur lined quilted jacket out last night to wear this morning. She finally relented and only wore a cardigan.

All this time im laughing and saying the Thai's need to toughen up. This morning however, when I got up I had to admit it was chilly and put on a T shirt.

Nuch is seriously worried about coming to the UK, even in summer, she is convinced she will die from the cold. The concept of minus centigrade is totally alien to her.

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IanF said...

For some reason there are a large number of Thais in Norway of all places. My friend Nui moved there in August to marry a Norwegian man. She joined three cousins and a couple of friends from her home town.

This is her first winter and she's having a lot of trouble with the 24 hour darkness.

If a Thai lady from Amnat Charoen can survive Norway in winter, reassure Nuch she'll be fine in England in summer. She may even love it - especially the long daylight hours.