Friday, December 16, 2005

Bangkok Life part 28

This week we picked the keys up to our new house. It as been a long and protracted affair. Although one that did not involve Solicitors. Which was nice. After signing all the papers for the bank, we headed to the District Land Registration Office. There after an incredible amount of signing the cheque, (Which I actually saw) was handed to a representative of the housing project. Nuch was then given a copy of the land ownership certificate and a little blue that looked like a saving book. This book as all the details of the people who live there, this book will stay with the house for ever.

We went round to the project and picked up the keys for the house. The house had been cleaned out and basics like toilet seats, shower head etc had been fitted. We had arranged for a company to give us a quote for security bars and mosquito doors to be fitted, the guy will also put six extra sockets in, plumb in the shower and kitchen sink, then wire up the cooker and shower. All of this including the security grills for a princely sum of £280. You wouldn’t get a sparky out of bed for that sort of cash in the UK.

I’ve leased a car for a couple of months; the new house is a good way from the Condo we live at now. The car is a Honda Civic Automatic. The cost is around £300 per month, a similar price to the cost per month of a new one. It’s amazing how you become a slave to car. For the last six months I’ve not had a car, now after a week I can’t live without one.

My new eBay business is up and down at the moment. Christmas is not the time people think about buying bicycle tyres. I think however that once people get paid in the New Year it will go mad for the up coming race season. Most of the tyres I sell now go to Australia were the racing season is in full swing. If you do decide you want a pair of high end bicycle race tyres then go to;

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Thank you for the people who have sent me a Christmas card, much appreciated.

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