Thursday, September 17, 2015

Kidney Stones

Last week, on my way home from Durham. An incredibly sharp and prolonged pain across my lower right abdomen. I was in little bit of panic mode because I didn't know what the pain was. I stopped at the Scotch Corner services and had five minutes then carried on. By Wetherby Services the pain was so bad that I had to call an ambulance and leave my car at the services.

The ambulance arrived and took me to Harrogate Hospital, the pain was like nothing I'd ever had, I honestly thought I was going to die! The paramedic gave me gas and air, this didn't even touch the sides. Once in hospital I was given a intravenous paracetamol, this only hydrated me. Finally I was given morphine, this work better!

After an examination, I was told it was probably a kidney stone. With the morphine wearing off I was given diclofenic as a suppository, that did the trick!

I was admitted to the urology ward and tucked in for a night in hospital. How do people cope in hospital, they sure such unwell places. People being admitted, being sick, regular BP tests and snoring, my second night in there I only got about 1-1/2 hour sleep.

The following day I had ultrasound, a CT scan and an x ray, yes I had had a stone and still got one in me. Another horrendous night in hospital followed, bearing in mind I had no visitors due to fact I was still 130km from home. On the Saturday, I was finally seen by a consultant who said I will need a procedure to look in my kidney in the future and I had an infection which was a result of the stone. I eventually got out about 4pm. A taxi ride back to Wetherby services and a painful drive back home were it seemed I'd been missed.

Fast forward to today, thankfully I've not had a repeat of the pain, I'm feeling generally unwell. This is down to the antibiotics I'm taking, I have dizzy spells which is a result of another new tablet I'm taking and my body is getting over the trauma of passing the stone.

Moving forward, I've got to make an appointment with the urology department at Nottingham hospital and keep up with the antibiotics.

Moral of the day is : DONT GET A KIDNEY STONE......

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